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Top 5 Funniest Stand-Up Comedians To Do Events Around The Globe For Indians

Top 5 Funniest Stand-Up Comedians To Do Events Around The Globe For Indians


July 8th, 2016


In today’s stressful lifestyle, you need something that refreshes you. For this reason, many event management companies focus on organizing an event that forces you to laugh louder. Such events make you feel delight, chillful and provides a necessary break from a hectic schedule. Now, the top stand-up comedians in India are:-

Kapil Sharma1. Kapil Sharma– The only stand-up comedian that is liked by every aged generation is “Kapil Sharma.” His perfect comedy acts and appeals to everyone from a topmost businessman to Rickshawallah, make him popular among the huge crowd. He is considered as “KING OF COMEDY.” In 2013, CNN-IBN honored him an prestigious award under the entertainment category. Also, he is the first Indian Celebrity who ranked in Forbes list.


2. Krishna Abhishek– A stand-up comedy circuit, who initially work as an actor and Krushna Abhishekthen become a hilarious comedian. He is the nephew of superstar “Govinda.” This multi-talented TV-personality can entertain you with his pleasant jokes and funny comedy acts. He also got an Indian Telly Award for Best Actor in a Comic Role, Indian Television Academy Award for Popular Comedy-Duo and BIG Star Most Entertaining Jury/Host.


Suresh Lehri3. Sudesh Lehri– Recognized as one of the gems that brought to the limelight by the excellent laughter shows. He was the second runner-up of show “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge II.” Since a decade, he has been the leading comedian in India and his popular jodi “Krishna-Sudesh” make you feel joyful many times. He is also an excellent option for family oriented events.


4. Vir Das– The most handsome, sensational and loving actor as well as comedian,Vir das
who is rising in Bollywood is “Vir Das.” You can also say that he is the professional stand-up comedian, as he has obtained a bachelor degree in Theatre from Enox College, Illinois. With his cool looks and amazing jokes, he can grab anyone’s attention.


Bharti5. Bharti- She is a role model for numerous women in India. She is the one, who has a perfect control on act timing. She enjoys her art of comedy, so that you feel more cheerful. The bubbly Bharti Singh, is from Amritsar, Punjab and master in making people bend double with laughter.

So, just forget the worries and enjoy an entertaining performance by these stand-up comedians.

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