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The Go-Getters

The Go-Getters


December 25th, 2015


Newspaper : Indian Express
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Young, daring and ready to take on risks, youngsters in the city who are barely out of their teens are indeed setting a trend. Armed with a go-getter spirit and entrepreneurial skills, they are busy creating a niche for themselves in the world of business even at a time when recession is a much dreaded word. Among them is 24-year-old Sahil Shandilya who runs his own event management company, ‘All Rise’. “When I was working with Big FM as the Activation Head, various event management companies would come to me to sell their ideas. I realised I had better ideas of my own and decided to start my firm,” shares Sahil. He’s previously managed events for Panjab University and brands such as Nokia, Big Bazaar and NDTV Imagine to mention a few. While Sahil has had no formal qualifications in the field to boast of, he admits to have gained truckloads of “practical knowledge”. “Everyone told me not to risk starting my own company, but I believe if you think you can, you can!” you hear him say out loud. What’s more, he’s invested his own funds (thankfully, he admits he’s not a spendthrift) and worked around the clock. And it’s all paid off well. Set to buy his own SUV, Sahil is also planning to expand the business to Delhi. “Though I still aim to work on my own album,” dreams the singer who wants to make it big in Bollywood!

Elsewhere, 26-year-old Kismet Nakai and 24-year-old April Bhaika have rolled out their own apparel and accessories company where they conduct garden sales under the name ‘Firozi Fish’. The idea came to them last May when they were casually discussing selling clothes in the city and improving its fashion sense! “Our first sale was an instant hit and that proved to us that we were on the right track,” admits Nakai. The girls invested their own finances with a small contribution from April’s father. With the money in hand, they began sourcing their range from Delhi, Rajasthan and various manufacturing units. Nearly everything they sell is under Rs 500 and they’re sold out each time. “We want to open a permanent space now and ever since people have been asking us to send our goods overseas, we’ve been thinking of going online!” the two spell out their future plans.


  1. Jennah says:

    Hey Kevin,You are a true inspiration and it means so much to share what you are doing and going through. A forum is a great idea. I can tell that it has changed you for the better. I will back anything you do brother.P.S. I was diagnosed anorexic in Jan.09 this year. I had to work myself out of it and I did it by doing weights. You have truely inspired me man and I have gone from a measly 9stone to 11.5stone in 4 months. You have given me hope man and I just want to say thk!Jsnaeremy

    • Buckie says:

        July 16, 2012Hello Paulht,ank you for your feedback I will turn up the volume on the next podcast. The podcast will be on tapering with Dominic Grossman and Katie DeSplinter Let me know what you think

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