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Sawan Da Mela

Sawan Da Mela


December 25th, 2015


Chandigarh 94.3 MY FM Sawan Da Mela held in Lalit Hotel on Sunday. Number of beautiful city people  reached there. MY FM RJ Meenakshi, Aisha, Gagan and manav when reached  on stage then all people showed the excitement.  Vijay Kumar dev advisor of Chandigarh with his wife enjoyed different cuisine. On Swan da Mela of MY FM placed many things such  as for children swings and cuisine and phulkari for women and also along with mehndi there were so many other activities.

94.3 My Fm organized a SAWAN DA MELA on Sunday in hotel THE LALIT. The team of my Fmwelcomed all the guests with a Tilak and a dholi. The chief guest of the event were ADVISOR Vijay Kumar Dev and Mayor Poonam Sharma. Wife of the advisor also attended the event. The spectators clicked photographs by adopting Punjabi culture of tying turban and enjoying exotic food. The beautiful city witnessed a huge crowd in the event. RjMeenakshi, Aisha, Gagan, Manav and Jassi entered with an energetic bhangraperformance ,which boosted the energy level of audience. TheRjs entertained the audience by playing funny games with them, and the winners were rewarded with cash price of Rs 6000.  Famous sweetdish GHEVAR was given to people as token of love. People at the Sawan da Mela enjoyed the rides and stalls like gol gappas.

MagicianAshish showcased his talent and astonished the audience. A.S.B Haryanvi and Raja Bath gave their valuable presence in the event. Sunam Dance Group performed a fold orchestra. MONEY AUJLA’s presence added a cherry on the cake to the event. 8 -year old rapstar Noddy khan surprised the audiences by his rap performance, which forced the audience to give a big round of applause.


  1. Nerice says:

    Being that they are already prisons, short of moats filled with bity things and drsiwrbdgea, nothing. The world is neither safe or fair. while you can minimize the impact of having trouble walk into a classroom I’m more worried about my kids riding the bus than I am about them being gunned down in a sensless masacre. That is when they go to school but that is a long way off.

    • Voncile says:

      நன்à®±ாக உறங்கி பின் விà®´ித்து திறம்பட உம் கருத்துக்களை இணையத்தில் பதிவு செய்திà®°ுக்க்லாà®®்! அல்லது… அயராது விà®´ித்து,à®®ுà®´ித்து,à®®ுடித்து (TR ஸ்டைல் à®®ா….கண்டுக்காத!!) பின் உறங்கி à®®à3°ுக்கலாà®®்!!பிஞ&#®021;சா…திà®°ுந்துடா!!எப்à®ªà‡Ÿி உன்னால மட்டுà®®் à®®ுடியுது…என்னமோ போடா!

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